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Wanna Go Home (314k)  
You Know Me (307k)
Lucy and Jemima (409k)
Same Old Dream 
Sailor and Rider 
The Old Paint is Peeling (375k)
Sing Me My Song
Let's Have a Fat Time (343k)
It's No Secret (she's amazing) (415k) 
Sister Music (441k)
That's A Time 
Guardian Angels (441k)


Wanna Go Home
Musically this song began as two separate songs, the verse section was a slow - medium 8th note feel. The chorus section was a ballad. After I had spent some time talking to a friend about his time in the war in Vietnam I decided to write how I think I would feel if I was there. So musically I combined the two pieces together with a diminished chord and turned it into a shuffle.
You Know Me
Ahh ... we've all known couples who once together then break up then get back together then break up then get back together etc.
Lucy and Jemima
This song is for those young girls trying to grow up too fast. The two mentioned in the song have still not met.
Same Old Dream
I wrote the music on the guitar first with a capo on the 5th fret with drop D. The lyrics are based on addiction. It's about how we all go around in circles and how we all need a little help sometimes.
Sailor and Rider
This song was written with my father's generation in mind. In that sometimes the direction you are conditioned to go towards doesn't always end up in the place you really want to be.
The Old Paint is Peeling
A musical tribute to my favourite band "Little Feet". The lyrics are about divorce where the relationship is a house and the place is falling apart.
Sing Me My Song
Fairly self explanatory. I was stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of summer trying to find some music on the radio that I liked.
Let's Have a Fat Time
A summertime party song. All acoustic instruments based on traditional Cuban rhythm and melody.
It's No Secret
Basically a love song with a nice key change in the chorus.
In my years of touring all around Australia I have driven through so many of these little towns. I love playing all the chord changes in this song.
Sister Music
All about my love for what I do for a living.
That's A Time
Unfortunately a close friend of mine passed away a while back. I remember him well.
Guardian Angels
This one was written after I broke down in the middle of nowhere when my car was full of drums, percussion and guitars. I wondered why I was in the music business until all these people came to my rescue.