Musicians and Singers on '7000 miles'

Guitar Players
Bass Players
Peddle Steel

The Singers

Catherine Lambert:
I’ve known Catherine since the 80’s. She is the No. 1 session singer in Adelaide, SA. When you listen you’ll know why.


Lori Mattheson, Ana Kingy and Clare Nabke:
Collectively known as the Magharitas. The girls with the sweetest harmonies. I played on percussion on their CD, so it was only natural that they sing on mine.


Sandy Chick:
Another friend of mine since the 80’s. This girl has sung backing vocals for the who’s who of Aussie music for the last 20 years. It’s a pleasure to hear her on mine.


Suzy Connolly:
The fabulous singer from Butterfly 9. You must buy their CD… mad if you don’t. Go to Butterfly 9's web site


Lisa Maxwell:
I’ve only known Lisa a short time. She said she’d never done a session singing the way she does on “Fat Time” but she did a great job.


Rick Price:
Rick and I go way back. We were a rhythm section in a funk band in 1981. What can I say about his voice that hasn’t already been said. Read more about Rick Price

The Guitar Players

Rex Goh:
We’ve been mates since QED days in 1984. One of the best in the country. The solo in “Old Paint is Peeling” was 1st take.
Mark Punch:
Also one of the best. We do a lot of duo and trio work together.


Brad Johns:
I’ve known Brad since he was 15. We’ve shared many stages since. I love him like a brother.


Stuart French:
The best country picker in Australia…but he is much more than that. My good friend from the Feral Swing Katz.
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Jamie Wilson:
Now based in Kuala Lumpur. He put me up at his place in KL a while back. I was lucky to get him on the album.


Matt Hanley:
Another one of the greats. Normally an R and B player but here on “Sister Music” we borrowed a natural steel guitar from Rex Goh. Matt played a great bottleneck part for me.


Kevin Bennet :
Mostly known for his fantastic voice but I’ve been a fan of his guitar playing since before I joined him in ‘The Flood’. 
The Flood website.

Dan Johnson:
My good friend who is a wonderful finger pick style player… we work together a lot.


Bernie Segedin:
One of the best all round acoustic players in Sydney. I played drums and percussion on his CD, he played acoustic on mine.


Andrew Gray:
Andy and I were in my first professional band together. He is a master of the Celtic realm. His cittern added that bit of magic to “Sailor and Rider”. 
Bass Players

James Gillard:
Jim and I travelled and played together for years, from the Flood to Troy. Love his playing.


Greg Royal:
Brad Johns introduced me to Greg some time ago. We became mates but have only played selected gigs together. I knew he played upright so I got him in to play on a couple of tracks.


Ben Cripps:
We toured together for Graeme Connors. In that show Ben played an acoustic bass guitar. He was perfect for “Let’s Have a Fat Time”.

Andrew Burns:
There was only ever going to be one keyboard player on this album. He is one of my closest friends. I loved his playing since QED.


Garry Steel:
There ain’t many brilliant accordion players in this country, he is an exception. We go back to the Digger Rivel and John Williamson days.

Pedal Steel

Michel Rose:
Simply the best in Australia. We go back a long way from country bands and then all the way up to the Ferals.
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Zia Islam:
Zia plays in Andy Gray’s band Yellow Monday. He is from Banglesdesh. When I said I wanted a Tabla he immediately came to mind.