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The Australian Shane Flew began career as a singing drummer in a country rock band called Rainshine. After combining with Little Fists a group from Canberra, he continued to play the drums with people of calibre like Troy Cassar Daley, Tommy Emmanuel and Lawrie Minson. 

This was a passage to becoming a vocalist with the Feral Swing Kats but then met with John Williamson, one of the prolific and brilliant Australian songwriter and this changed profoundly the music of our artist who become more folk oriented with inspirational country, rich of ballads and moments of reflection. He is endowed with a good voice, and a talented songwriter (total of 13 songs of his) apart from that, one of unquestioned technique with instruments (In this disc apart from drums he plays as well hi-string guitar and bass) Shane Flew is one modern singer of the narration that flows, this musician has an innate and strong predisposition for describing the landscape. 

7000 miles is an intense album, there are many obvious roots he has turned to, for this situation, a public fact of Australia, but with a little effort, also who is not born in the lucky country has a degree of appreciation. This thank you to Shane to which music surpass easily the barrier of language and culture. Product of Matt Fell ( who on this disc plays a lot of instruments) 7000 miles is available now.