Written and recorded by Shane Flew. 
Lifted from the album '7,000 Miles'
Produced by Matt Fell.

A catchy song about young teenage girls wanting to grow up too fast! Lucy and Jemima are real girls who are a part of Shane's life. Jemima is Shane's niece and Lucy, the cousin of a close friend. They do both live with their families in the country and as yet, still have never met!

The record shows Shane's talent on vocals, acoustic and hi-string guitars and of course drums. Shane's old friend Brad Johns provides electric and 12 string guitar.

Matt Fell shows of his immense talent by not only playing bass but he arranged and played all the orchestral string lines as well! 

The beautiful harmonies are performed by the vocal group "The Margharitas" who include Lori Matherson, Clare Nabke and Ana Kingy. Together they have created a truly great radio friendly track!

Now released on the latest NFS 76 CD (Track 6) where country music radio stations all across the country are adding this song to their playlists!