From the people who have listened and loved Shane's new album

Shane Flew’s unpretentious & natural approach compliments a cross plethora of styles & instruments both acoustic , indigenous & electric to meld an eclectic mixture of verve & production. A song-craftsman & original entertainer for the heartlands of the world stage 

United Artists USA

Shane ... Really enjoying your CD. Play it several times each week.

Les  - USA

I just listened to "7,000 Miles" right through - and then to Sleepy Town and a couple of others for a second time. The songs are great, you have a real way with words. I hope you sell a million. 


Shane - Just wanted you to know that I absolutely love your CD. I especially enjoy the song She's Amazing and the really upbeat song in the middle. It makes me feel like I'm in the Caribbean again. You should be really proud of it. I hope that it gets some radio air time. 

Julie Allerton

Hi Shane - I have just listened to your CD. Well done. My favourite song is the Sailor and Rider one. On first listening anyway. Glad to see you were able to get it happening. I recognised Andrew B and Rex G music, guess I listened to a lot of it a long time ago! 
Anyway Shane congratulations again. 

Elle Westbury

Shane - Received and listened to your CD today. Great stuff! Terrific mix and wonderfully listenable. I like the cover artwork too. Makes me miss being at The Observer that much more. Need to figure out a way to get back there in the not-too-distant future. Next trip that I can arrange, you know that I'll be there. 

Kyle Moore

I reckon this is a great album and was well worth the long wait. Good luck Shane. 

Jimbo (Jim Baker)

Hi Shane, - Congratulations - Randy and I have played the CD a couple of times now and really enjoy it, Randy loves Sleepytown, Old Paint is Peeling and Guardian Angel, also Michelle has listened to it and loves it. She has taken it to work and played it while she is working.  Anyway good job and hope it goes well for you. 

Suzanne Rainbolt

Shane, love your CD - very lovely stuff, very personal too. 

Michael Fix 

I love the diversity, the quality, the truths and the over-all user friendly style of the record. GOOD ON YOU! I'm truly proud to be on it. Anyway... the disc takes pride of place in my CD player and many friends have commented "who's this?", a good sign I feel. 

Catherine Lambert

Hi Shane, Well done on the album... it's a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite track is Sleepytown, it gets my harmonic emotions flying high, we sound great together!. Your voice sounds great and there is a good variety of tracks. Lyrics are terrific. Congrats ...

Matt Cole

Dear Shane, Thanks for the most excellent cd. Congratulations. 

Peter Harvey

'Lucy and Jemima' and 'Sailor and Rider' honestly bring tears to my eyes every time I hear them. My favourites. My girlfriend loves you more than me now. And who would have thought such an ugly buggar like you could write such beautiful songs! But seriously Shane, you ARE a genius and your CD is on 'high rotation' in my car. I wish you ultimate success. 

Peter Northcote